The Final Matta Napkin Book Trailer


A behind the scene look at the Matta Napkin cover photo shoot.  If you’re not already a fan of celebrity photographer Chris Haston I suggest you do so immediately! On the stool is my celebrity editor Rose Abdoo and look for her this Tuesday on NBC’s The Grinder

Bring a Napkin to Life: Bill Wilbur

Bill was born, as many of us were, a small child. The hospital was in Connecticut and so were his parents, so that made it convenient. Each day he grew a day older. He is now an author and photographer. His first book, SARAGOSA has been picked up by a studio for production, and he gets to go to baseball games for his day job as a photographer for the Los Angeles Angels.

Bring a Napkin to Life: Ken Daly

Ken is a writer, actor and the greatest person ever. If you want to listen to him talk… tune in weekly to the “Nerd Poker” podcast.

Crafty Matta Napkin: Mary Pons Abdoo

Mary is a Dominican born 86 year-old artist and seamstress who lives in Michigan. This pillow was created with a cotton textile of Matta Napkin print. Mary is proud to call the Matta Napkin creator her son-in-law. Matta is proud to call her “Ponsy” a name she tolerates.

Bring a Matta Napkin to Life: Charlie Blondell

Now why aren’t you doing one? It couldn’t be easier… pick one to breathe some life into… take a picture of your recreation and e-mail it to:
I’ll send a hand drawn Matta Napkin to the three entries with the most votes.
Hope to see you soon on the site.
PS. Here are yesterday’s stats:

Bring a Matta Napkin to Life is not limited to the continental United States. It has no boarders… as long as your country has napkins you are eligible. Philippines I’m counting on you.

PPS. Charlie works at crowd-sourcing film distributor Gathr Films. Check out the buzz at

Bring a Matta Napkin to Life