Napkin #1255

Easter Guest Napkin: Brent Pendergrass

Brent is a professional voice actor… listen for his sweet-sweet voice on Yo-Kai Watch and Space Raiders. Originally from San Diego he is also an unashamed fast food enthusiast. Everyone should follow this dear man on Twitter @BrentPndrgrs.

Napkin #1227

Napkin #1203

Netflix Is Down!

Napkin #1136

Christmas Guest Napkin: Kate Flannery

Philly native Kate Flannery played  Meredith all nine season of THE OFFICE. She’s also currently touring with Jane Lynch in the anti-cabaret act, SEE JANE SING. However, I love Kate best in her original comedy lounge act, THE LAMPSHADES.

Happy All-Inclusive December Gathering!

Napkin #1081

The Sixth Film by Matta Napkin