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I will happily send this to the first current member of Spyro Gyra who draws a Guest Napkin in trade. The race is on gentlemen.

Guest Napkin: John Corbett

 If you ever get a chance to meet John Corbett… DO IT! He is the greatest. However, his Guest Napkin was so funny/filthy/libellous I can’t put it up. In fact, I can’t even describe it without risking legal reprisals. If you really need to know… go see him in concert and maybe if you ask nice enough he’ll draw it for you. Check out his site for tour dates:

Guest Napkins: GW Duncanson

GW Duncanson is a visual artist, musician and filmmaker. 

Please follow his tumblr blog CASH-MONEY-CARTOONS because it’s updated with interestingly varied content in the form of new visual art most every day. 

Also please take the time check out one of his musical endeavours HERE 

For further information, business or pleasure THIS link will enable you to “start a dialog”.

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