Guest Napkin: Jennifer MacLean

Jennifer is originally from Wisconsin, which she will tell you every five minutes. After two beers she won’t even have to tell you, her accent will. She likes pruning orphan street trees and she is on a first name basis with her mailman. Check her out at

Guest Napkin: Nicholas Walding

“Nix” is 10 years old. He lives in Chappaqua and is a serious lacrosse player!

Guest Napkin: Penguins Things Words

It’s penguins holding things with words. What else is there to say? Check them out @penguinsthingswords.

Special Guest Napkin: John Engel Jr.

“Last Looks Before You Take Down Your Tree” 

John is football player from Katonah, NY and is 9 years old.


Anthony Artur, David M. Beach, Paul Buchholz, Macklin Dwyer, Kate Flannery, Todd Friedman, Dann Fox, Dave Gassman, Karl Herlinger, Beth Jorgensen, Hannah Bell Lee, Megan Duke Lewis, Kevin McGonagle, Caleb Orecchio, Carlos Lafi, Rebecca Lord, Shaun Parker, Kuger Peterson, Abbey Prentice, Gary Rudoren, Dave Rygalski, Gary Selinger, Audrey & Jane Wasilewski, Philip Weber and Tom Weeter


Kate Flannery

Guest Napkin: Paul Buchholz

Paul is a short guy who likes to draw stuff and also has a Tony Stark/Iron Man heart. Check out his wonderful work immediately at: SURFIN’ DEAD DESIGN.

Guest Napkin: Philip Weber

Philip Weber is a cartoonist, an illustrator, voice actor and implementation specialist – the latter title developed following a cross-country move 4 years ago. If you are a fan of Anime, you may have heard Philip on several FUNimation shows, including “Attack on Titan”, “One Piece” “Michiko and Hatchin”  and “Tokyo Ghoul”! As a side note, Philip also welcomes any opportunity to refer to himself in the third person.

Guest Napkin Kuger Peterson

Kuger is a political surrealist painter living and working in Los Angeles. He is currently working on a Dick Cheney portrait series, from which this cartoon sprang. The idea came after reading Barton Gellman’s book Angler; detailing the VP’s involvements in the Bush presidency. Here’s three ways to get some more Kuger:, @CitizenKP, @KugerPeterson.