Guest Napkin: Marty Kelley

Marty is a devoted loving husband/father and the self-professed valedictorian of the Matta Napkin School of Comedy.

Napkin #1341

Guest Napkin: Brian Zydiak

Brian is a very responsible family man with an impressive 30-year career in the telecom industry. His kids have never been prouder.

Napkin #1339

Napkin #1338

Guest Napkin: COHN

COHN, a feral child raised by furniture, has self-published three imaginary books under a pseudonym that he cannot remember. He is a master Googler and would do really well on Jeopardy if not for the big rush to come up with answers. Unlike his mentor John Matta, he only knows one or two uses for napkins; sadly, his previous 300 attempts at cartoons were ruined by various sauces and spills.

Guest Napkin: Katie Klimacek

Katie enjoys bringing her dry, sarcastic, seemingly unfunny sense of humor to her artwork. She doodles are often accompanied by her signature #meaninglessquotes. When she’s not scribbiling away, Katie is DP and editor for her friend’s webseries Feminist Icons (@feminist_icons) or doing standup around chitown. For more fun and art by Katie Klimacek, you can follow her on Instagram @crazykatiearts or Twitter @ehhlifechoices.